Les updates de la maison de Eliza


Here is Barney being inappropriate with one of Lucy’s Little Ponies: He really likes their hair and grooms them, and Lucy’s all scandalized, “WHY BIY-NEY LICKIN THAT PONY’S HAY-UH?” *** Lucy wrote some letters. That is an O, a C, and an L, she told me confidently. She told me … more behind the clicky

So Jim and I have apparently made *two* children who are into sartorial brinksmanship. This outfit, composed of a pick Christmas-themed long-sleeve T, blue terry cloth bathing suit cover-up, and green star pants, is what Lucy wore to daycare last week: *** This morning, I had to do a work … more behind the clicky

Observations of various sorts


1. It’s possible the olives thing has gotten out of hand Do you ever go shopping and then you come home and unload everything and think, huh, I guess maybe possibly I went overboard? Buying 2 kinds of Castelvetranos, 1 garlic-lemon, and 2 kinds of tapenade is a pretty good … more behind the clicky