Music lets the people get together

Lucy’s current favorite song is Shakira’s Dare (Lalala) and so we have listened to it enough times to wonder what that thing is that she yells at regular intervals. It sounds to me like she’s yelling “Legroom!” which is a weird thing for a multi-millionaire to worry about, especially in this … more behind the clicky

So. This looks bad…

I have just read issue 19 of Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye and STUPID CLINT BARTON  AND HIS STUPID BROTHER BARNEY AND THEIR STUPID CHILDHOOD MADE ME HAVE SOMETHING IN MY EYE. Dammit. Y’know, I started reading Hawkeye a year-ish ago because, like many people, I appreciated what archery and sleeveless shirts were doing … more behind the clicky

Rap: I’ve been doing it wrong


Yesterday my friend TT sent around an email asking if anyone among our friends wanted to have a chick night out. I was all HELLYESSS but everyone else begged off, so I figured that wasn’t going anywhere until she forwarded an email from her husband noting that Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s … more behind the clicky