So Jim and I have apparently made *two* children who are into sartorial brinksmanship. This outfit, composed of a pick Christmas-themed long-sleeve T, blue terry cloth bathing suit cover-up, and green star pants, is what Lucy wore to daycare last week:



This morning, I had to do a work thing at a local farmer’s market, and because I wanted to have a little time with Eliza, who likes farmer’s markets and would have an opportunity to dress up as a fairy for said work event, I brought her along.

It was held inside, so when she got bored helping me, I told her to go check out everyone there. 10 minutes later she skipped back me to, all a-glow: “They have Maggie’s Round!”

Maggie’s Round is an artisanal raw milk cheese produced about 50 miles from here which is one of her favorite foods in the world.

After having beseeching moppet-eyes made at me for an hour or so, I consented to wander over to the cheese booth to pick up a chunk and told the guys there how thrilled she was. They were amused because I blew Eliza’s cover on her attempts to be casual in her fangirling. “Oh, she played it cool when she was here before,” the guy told me — apparently she had allowed that maybe perhaps she might have eaten this cheese before. Eliza was oblivious to all the adults embarrassing her because she was too busy eating cheese samples.


Operation Get Lucy to Sleep in Her Own Damn Bed Already lurches painfully on. In separate conversations with me and Jim, she said she thinks the dark is scary and wanted a night light. I picked up a top of the line Disney Princess light that projects a picture of a bunch of Princesses at the ceiling and got some Princess Sophia wall decals while I was at it.

Her genuine enthusiasm for all of these things has made not one whit of difference in the frequency with which she ends up between me and Jim in bed like some sort of snuffly little chaperone.

Jim, who is, as we’ve discussed in the past, a bit of a princess about his sleep and often insomniac to boot, does not like the fact that Lucy and I breathe in our sleep. Such noise. Much exhale. And that’s on the days when we don’t have colds.

Thus, he not infrequently ends up retreating to Lucy’s room to sleep in her twin bed, which has a safety rail and is all purple and pink, with Princess Sophia sheets.

Go ahead, enjoy the mental image, because for the health of my marriage, I do not dare to post photographic evidence.

Still, you can understand, I think, why Eliza and I were snickering as we plugged in the new night light and, together with Lucy, put up the decals in her room. My favorite is the one on the door that says “Ready to be a Princess.”

Jim is mute on the subject of his princess-being readiness.


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  1. Mama says:

    Those, Girlies! They are just the funniest and the best. Thinks Grandma Texas.

  2. Mama says:

    Lucy seems to have inherited her fashion sense from Eliza. The combination might look odd but somehow makes sense – what could be more obvious than Christmas themed T-shirt and green pants with stars? – and after the first shock the colors work together too.

  3. Mama says:

    You have the best job on earth. Who else can take their children dressed up as fairies to a farmers market where they can indulge in their favorite cheese? You also have the best children on earth who enjoy going to farmers market and stuffing their faces with organic gourmet cheeses. Oh, lucky you!

  4. Mama says:

    Finally, to clarify a few things, Jim will not be allowed to morph into a princess in Lucy’s room at night when I visit you a few weeks because then the room will be MY castle! Ready to be a Grandma Princess!!

  5. Mama says:

    No, no, no, I won’t visit you a few weeks. I meant “in a few weeks”!

  6. lee says:

    For years (years, I tell you) Alice would not fall asleep in her own bed, or by herself. Eventually I yielded and she’d fall asleep in the big bed. It was a good compromise, in retrospect: I was allowed to read while she thrashed about until she settled, she had company, we could talk if she was wakeful (which was frequent), I had some dedicated reading time, and Al got his side of the bed warmed up before he got in. He’d move her when he came to bed.

    Anyhow – as with all of these kid things that are both characteristic and maddening, you never know when the last one is. And once the process of sleeping-in-her-own-damn-bed was complete, I missed her. And Al missed having his side of the bed pre-warmed, and carrying the kid around in the dark. So lean into the process (as you are) and OMG thank you for the image of your husband sleeping in a princess bed.

  7. Melissa says:

    I know you can’t post a picture, but I hope you have at least taken a picture! Many, actually.

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