Scatology and planets

Eliza: Why do they pronounce Uranus (yer-ANUS) as URINE-us?

AM: Well, because your ANUS.

Eliza: *Clueless silence*

AM: Ohhhhh, you don’t know what your anus means. Uhh…
(ponders duty as parent, decides what the hell, it’ll be funny)
Your anus is your butthole, so when you say yer-ANUS it’s like you’re calling it Planet Butthole.

Eliza (and Lucy): *Loud cackling, followed by thoughtful pause*

Eliza: Well, OK, but if you call it URINE-us you’re calling it Planet Pee!

Poor Uranus can’t win.

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One Response to Scatology and planets

  1. Mama says:

    Interesting way of combining science with the ever so popular poop and pee talk. Hilarious! And I want a video of cackling Lucy! It might make me cackle too!

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