My youtube channel is under Elizas Momdotcom because youtube won’t let me use my pseudonym as one word.

Here is a bunch of malarkey of the two girlies:

Elizas Momdotcom

Before youtube, it took me forever to upload little film clips, and they are tiny little images. God bless youtube.

I especially recommend Sad about Pumpkin Pie:

Eliza 2 1/2-ish, sings Jingle Bells

Eliza sings HELP!

Eliza sings LIttle Bunny Foofoo

Eliza, nearly 2, sings for us the songs of her people

Eliza needs a towel

Eliza is sad about pumpkin pie

Eliza, about 1 1/2, engages in bedtime lunacy

Eliza learns about trick or treating

Eliza has a favorite word

Eliza, 13 months, figures out walking

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