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Cast of Characters:

Eliza: 7 1/2. Obsessed with predators, cheetahs, creation myths, puppetry, and the way her sister is ruining all of her stuff. Very good at moaning about the aforementioned sister, but can also be unexpectedly sweet to her and will brag about said sister to anyone within earshot. Given to bouts of hysterical garment-rending over hair-washing and room-cleaning. Writes stories and chapter books with creation myths featuring cheetahs and fire in which characters break the fourth wall. Too smart for her own good. Rolls her eyes like a boss.

Lucy: 1 1/2. Obsessed with horses and frogs. Worships her big sister, usually expressed by invading Eliza’s personal space and or trashing her room. Has a lot of opinions and does not let minimal language skills get in the way of expressing them. Loves cheese. Eats cereal neatly with a spoon. Thinks biting is an acceptable form of social congress.

Barney: Batshit orange cat. So clumsy we’re pretty sure he has his own personal poltergeist. Inveterate mouse catcher nonetheless.

Moe: Needy but sweet black cat. Extremely graceful. Useless at mouse-catching.

AM: Ye Olde Author of Said Blog. 40. In addition to being Eliza’s and Lucy’s mom, is a publicist/writer/editor, a runner (currently on Hiatus) and a karate-ka. Prone to prissiness and road rage. Swears too much. Bakes. Prefers her vampires mean and bitey. Also: Zombies.

Jim: Long-Suffering Husband. Extremely patient. Is really good at finding typos. Interests include: Brainwashing Small Children to like British Invasion bands, strange beers, finding a pair of shoes he does not have to return because they fit funny once he gets home, chapstick.

Grandma Texas: AKA Mama in the comments. August grandparental presence. Named thusly because of her location and because the image of a demure blue-haired old lady evoked by the nickname is comedically inconsistent with her spiky-haired, marathon-running self.

Auntie Johanna: History nerd with excellent hair. Dotes on her nieces, has been known to call AM’s bluff r.e. annoying prissiness tendencies.

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  1. Dave Racicot says:

    Hi there and glad you enjoy my Cucumber Thatcher’s Organic Liqueur. We have one called “Mommy’s Salad” which is a tall glass, crushed ice, add 1/3rd Cucumber Thatcher’s, diced cucumbers and sparkling water.
    Many thanks for the mention and Cheers!

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