Somehow, this became all about fannishness

You’re gonna want to clear a space I heard this song about two weeks ago and I have the new Arcade Fire album sitting on my phone and I haven’t listened to it because: this song. Just listen to the moment, right around the 50-second mark, where the piano kicks as … more behind the clicky

A bunch of things, including spiders


This weekend we made our annual family apple-picking pilgrimage. We went to a different orchard than usual because the usual is 35 minutes away and we didn’t want Lucy passing out before we got there. They were very nice and we got the usual crap-ton of apples, with Lucy actually helping … more behind the clicky



So here’s a protip which I shared with my mom and sister yesterday: When your toddler wants to help in the kitchen and you tell her to put some spices in what will soon be a meatloaf, 3 seconds is TOO LONG to turn your back. Yes, that is the … more behind the clicky



  Lucille Grace is 2 today. She is excited about having people sing “HAP BIRDY ME!” and getting presents and eating pizza, because on your birthday, you get to pick dinner, and that is what she wants. I hope she likes the big wheel tricycle I got her because I … more behind the clicky