And then there’s THESE jokers


I told my boss about Lucy’s Asian food = “noodles like the guys doing the handstands” thing, and she may still be laughing. There’s an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation in which Picard is dealing with an alien race who seem to be speaking a language he/the universal … more behind the clicky

SURFBORT! Or, I pledge my fealty to Queen Bey, but my children prefer the Lorde

Lucy drew a jellyfish, or I should say, DZEWWYFITH! That thing is just deadly-cute, in my opinion. *** The inspiration of this image is no doubt the trip to the aquarium we took in Texas while visiting my mom and sister 2 weeks ago. It was a trip made at … more behind the clicky

It’s been a while; I’ve been busy angsting

Lucy, describing her activities with her father while Eliza and I were running around the reservoir: WE GO ATTA WEZAVOY. AN WE WALK AN WALK AN WALK AN NOT EAT. Jim explained that she was eyeing some rocks in a speculative fashion he recognized as trouble, and that he specified … more behind the clicky

This escalated really quickly. Triggers, EVERYWHERE! And swearing!

Well. I think we can safely say that that run did not do much for my rage issues! I run with my phone. I do this for 3 reasons: 1. It plays pretty songs to speed me on  my way. 2. I have an app that tracks my runs for … more behind the clicky