Recap, only this time with the ramblings of … ME! Seriously, mostly a brain dump so I can get back to cute kid stories.

I’m pretty sure I can track the part of my dream where I was me only I was also Clark Gregg to the fact that I fell asleep listening a podcast interview with him. But the part where Clark Gregg-me was somewhere in the north hunting skinless aurochs, that part … more behind the clicky

Minus one, temporarily


Eliza is spending a few days with her Granny in New Hampshire and Jim made it for 21 hours before he caved and announced that we should call and check in last night. I did not neenerneener him only because I had spent much of the day reaching for my … more behind the clicky

Captain Smirkypants and the Inventrix


For reasons that are unclear to me, Eliza has lately been obsessing about ziplines for her stuffed animals. Part of it may be aspirational — when she is 8 and weighs 70 pounds, she can go on the zipline at the ski place near us where Jim and I once … more behind the clicky