Everyone’s a critic

This year stands out for me, pop-culturally and artistically speaking, not so much for the works I enjoyed and/or broke my brain over (whisper-screams SNOWPIERCER, again), but for the fact that the information flow is becoming a two-way thing. When you’re a parent, there’s a while, there, where you control … more behind the clicky

Another one of those posts where I rhapsodize about how awesome my fellow karate students are, but this time I mashed in some meta-fictional analysis because that is also my jam

For years now, I have been reading to my girls the works of a well-known, award-winning children’s book author and illustrator. I’m not going to use names for reasons you’ll soon figure out, but one of his most famous books is about a bird who wishes to operate a public means … more behind the clicky


Karate’s felt a bit “now what?” since I got to fourth-degree black belt. All the kata and pre-arranged kumite are learned, I currently have a janky shoulder that made me decide that taking up new weapons was probably not a good idea, and while of course we are forever polishing our skills and examining our … more behind the clicky