I was so excited I couldn’t MOVE.

The above words were uttered by one Eliza Mairead Imagine Dragons Fan, Esq. yesterday in the car when I told her I was worried about her at the Imagine Dragons concert last week, because she all but went catatonic for the 2 hours the band played. I asked her several … more behind the clicky

Oh hey it’s a post long time no see but it’s time to check in with a rant so let’s start with Fury Road

As of this writing, I have twice taken the afternoon off work to go see Mad Max Fury Road. I suspect that total will rise before summer’s end, at which point I hope for all of your sakes that the movie is available online because otherwise I will have to … more behind the clicky

Another one of those posts where I rhapsodize about how awesome my fellow karate students are, but this time I mashed in some meta-fictional analysis because that is also my jam

For years now, I have been reading to my girls the works of a well-known, award-winning children’s book author and illustrator. I’m not going to use names for reasons you’ll soon figure out, but one of his most famous books is about a bird who wishes to operate a public means … more behind the clicky


Over the Veteran’s Day weekend Jim took Eliza to visit his mom in Florida. I “had a lot of work” so I stayed home with Lucy. We dropped Jim and Eliza off at the airport at 5 in the morning and then I passed out in the bed while Lucy watched … more behind the clicky