Observations of various sorts


1. It’s possible the olives thing has gotten out of hand Do you ever go shopping and then you come home and unload everything and think, huh, I guess maybe possibly I went overboard? Buying 2 kinds of Castelvetranos, 1 garlic-lemon, and 2 kinds of tapenade is a pretty good … more behind the clicky

SURFBORT! Or, I pledge my fealty to Queen Bey, but my children prefer the Lorde

Lucy drew a jellyfish, or I should say, DZEWWYFITH! That thing is just deadly-cute, in my opinion. *** The inspiration of this image is no doubt the trip to the aquarium we took in Texas while visiting my mom and sister 2 weeks ago. It was a trip made at … more behind the clicky

Marvel at our wit!

How much a hate Woody Allen: A drama in 1 act Jim has returned empty-handed form the Redbox. Jim: Well, they had Blue Jasmine, but I didn’t think you’d go for that. AM: Yep! Jim and AM discuss how much AM despises Woody Allen for a few minutes. Then Jim, … more behind the clicky

Recap, only this time with the ramblings of … ME! Seriously, mostly a brain dump so I can get back to cute kid stories.

I’m pretty sure I can track the part of my dream where I was me only I was also Clark Gregg to the fact that I fell asleep listening a podcast interview with him. But the part where Clark Gregg-me was somewhere in the north hunting skinless aurochs, that part … more behind the clicky