Everyone’s a critic

This year stands out for me, pop-culturally and artistically speaking, not so much for the works I enjoyed and/or broke my brain over (whisper-screams SNOWPIERCER, again), but for the fact that the information flow is becoming a two-way thing. When you’re a parent, there’s a while, there, where you control … more behind the clicky


Over the Veteran’s Day weekend Jim took Eliza to visit his mom in Florida. I “had a lot of work” so I stayed home with Lucy. We dropped Jim and Eliza off at the airport at 5 in the morning and then I passed out in the bed while Lucy watched … more behind the clicky

Catching up on cosmology with Lucy

Lucy’s revisionist cosmology continues. The other day, she explained to me, “God is powerful and he creates things because he’s a DINOSAUR!” Please imagine the above said with Giant Bambi Eyes of Doom, persistent lisp, and waving emphatically-waved arms. I think it may be the definition of irony that her God-fearing, … more behind the clicky