I was so excited I couldn’t MOVE.

The above words were uttered by one Eliza Mairead Imagine Dragons Fan, Esq. yesterday in the car when I told her I was worried about her at the Imagine Dragons concert last week, because she all but went catatonic for the 2 hours the band played. I asked her several … more behind the clicky

Catching up on cosmology with Lucy

Lucy’s revisionist cosmology continues. The other day, she explained to me, “God is powerful and he creates things because he’s a DINOSAUR!” Please imagine the above said with Giant Bambi Eyes of Doom, persistent lisp, and waving emphatically-waved arms. I think it may be the definition of irony that her God-fearing, … more behind the clicky

So. This looks bad…

I have just read issue 19 of Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye and STUPID CLINT BARTON  AND HIS STUPID BROTHER BARNEY AND THEIR STUPID CHILDHOOD MADE ME HAVE SOMETHING IN MY EYE. Dammit. Y’know, I started reading Hawkeye a year-ish ago because, like many people, I appreciated what archery and sleeveless shirts were doing … more behind the clicky

Mah bebes bein’ cute

OK, I promise to answer Melissa’s question about having a practice, but today I have to post these things so my mom can see them from wherever she is in Germany right now. 1. Behold the Senior Moppet with glasses! They are dark brown with robin’s-egg blue embellishments: 2. Behold … more behind the clicky

Culture, and my children

Yesterday Lucy requested that this weekend, we watch UP-MULAN! Whaaaaaat is that, I asked, and thank god my Toddler-to-Human Translator, aka Eliza to the rest of you, was there, because she explained that the original Mulan movie is a row higher in our netflix screen than the sequel, aka DOWN-MULAN. … more behind the clicky