On Halloween Eliza came to work with me. During a break, we were sitting together in the lobby when one of my co-workers walked by with a post-it note stuck to her skirt. I alerted her to the fact, and my co-worker thanked me and grumbled that she was having … more behind the clicky

The toddler cries ARGH

I’ve been telling people that Lucy is more insane than Eliza was at that age, and I’m not sure that’s true. I think they’re just different versions of two-year-old uninhibited feral human cray-cray. Either way it’s difficult to keep a straight face around here lately. A few days ago she … more behind the clicky

It’s been a while; I’ve been busy angsting

Lucy, describing her activities with her father while Eliza and I were running around the reservoir: WE GO ATTA WEZAVOY. AN WE WALK AN WALK AN WALK AN NOT EAT. Jim explained that she was eyeing some rocks in a speculative fashion he recognized as trouble, and that he specified … more behind the clicky

The usual method hijinks


Here is the first pro-tip of the day: If your 2-year-old kitchen assistant is unfulfilled by salting the vegetables and demands “DIFFUT JOB!” having her slice the tofu is both a brilliant and a terrible idea. Tofu plus butter knife is a fairly low-risk proposition, injury-wise, but you really need … more behind the clicky



1. My children are a trial sent to test me Mornings are hectic, and I not infrequently end of running to tend to various bellowing children and their requests for shoes, spoons, etc., in my underpants (or less). Someone is mighty judgy about that, considering that she is the cause … more behind the clicky