Cosmology and other concerns


Lucy thinks God and Godzilla are the same person. I was at the playground with her and she was asking me about the teeter-totter and why it was the way it was. After extensively questioning me, and nodded and declared, “Godzilla made it that way!” I found it baffling, and then … more behind the clicky

Music lets the people get together

Lucy’s current favorite song is Shakira’s Dare (Lalala) and so we have listened to it enough times to wonder what that thing is that she yells at regular intervals. It sounds to me like she’s yelling “Legroom!” which is a weird thing for a multi-millionaire to worry about, especially in this … more behind the clicky

And then there’s THESE jokers


I told my boss about Lucy’s Asian food = “noodles like the guys doing the handstands” thing, and she may still be laughing. There’s an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation in which Picard is dealing with an alien race who seem to be speaking a language he/the universal … more behind the clicky

We did the thing again


Two weekends ago we finally got our acts together to visit Jim’s aunt, aka the honorary grandmother of my kids. (As if they didn’t already have 3 of them. You can never have too many grandmas, shutup!) She lives in a New York-ish direction related to us, so I bet … more behind the clicky